Winners Round Four

Best Author:

Winner: Colormetheworld
Runner Up: MissToastie

Best New Author:

Winner: MSonya
Runner Up: becauseihaveyourback

Best NC-17:

Winner: Constant Companion by Sybilia
Runner Up: Cumulonimbi and Geochelone Sulcata by sociallyawkwardpenguin

Best Comedy:

Winner: Compromising Postitions by sociallyawkwardpenguin
Runner Up: Dealbreaker by CokeCam

Best Angst:

Winner: The Commitment by AnExhbition
Runner Up: My Maura by MissToastie

Best Original Character:

Winner: Roxie de Rossi in Are You Lonesome Tonight by JoBethMegAmy.myhomegirls
Runnner Up: Carla ‘Big Carl’ Timmons in Constant Companion by Sybilia

Best Plot:

Winner: (nameless) by colormetheworld
Runner Up: Baby Hold On by MissToastie

Best Crossover:

The Rizzles Trap by Cassie Bones – Crossover with The Parent Trap

Best Fluff:

Winner: Sugar and Spice by molly2012
Runner Up: All the Way Home I’ll Be Warm by JoBethMegAmy.myhomegirls

Best AU:

Winner: (nameless) by colormetheworld
Runner Up: Keys by colormetheworld

Best Unfinished:

Winner: Keys by colormetheworld
Runner Up: My Maura by MissToastie

Best Oneshot:

Winner: Keys by Coke Cam
Runner Up: Because of Jar of Marmite by Permanent Rose

Best Fan Art:

Let’s Play a Game by ON TUMBLR 4 RIZZLES

Best Video:

Winner: Copper and Wine Trailer by NikitaReincarnated
Runner Up: True Love by Max Black

Best of Frost:

Winner: I’ve Got Your Back by Snafu1000 (fic)
Runner Up: Threesome by Rizzleslovr72 (fic)