Winners Round Five

Best Author:

Winner: colormetheworld
Runner Up: LilyBartAndTheOthers

Best New Author:

Winner: RizzlesLover
Runner Up: sel1006

Best NC-17:

Winner: Seasick by Sybilia
Runner Up: Island Fire by Stephanie Broadchest

Best Comedy:

Winner: Seasick by Sybilia
Runner Up: Placebo by Coke Cam

Best Angst:

Winner: Marmite & Mistletoe by ArcadiaArden
Runner Up: Blurred Lines by Rizzleslovr72

Best Original Character:

Winner: Millie-Joyce Ming in Cherry Grove by Sybilia
Runner Up: Bea in Tangled Voices by becauseihaveyourback

Best Plot:

Winner: Tangled Voices by becauseihaveyourback
Runner Up: Blurred Lines by Rizzleslovr72

Best Crossover:

Winner: Targets Acquired by Honorcpt crossover with Criminal Minds
Runner Up: The Broken Places by coolbyrne crossover with Pacific Rim

Best Fluff:

Winner: Layered by ArcadiaArden
Runner Up: Newlyweds by Broadway007

Best AU:

Winner: The Nanny by joiedevivre2011
Runner Up: Blurred Lines by Rizzleslovr72

Best Unfinished:

Winner: Daylight by turtleback
Runner Up: Prometheus by polotiz

Best Oneshot:

Winner: (untitled) by colormetheworld
Runner Up: Medals of Honor by The PriceIsMeg

Best Fan Art:

Winner: If You’re Gonna Hum the Theme Song…. by ThePriceIsMeg
Runner Up: untitled by RussiaNet

Best Video:

Winner: Rizzles Trailer by TvNeRd
Runner Up: The Choice by TvNeRd