Round Three

Round Three Winners:


Best Author:

Winner: sociallyawkwardpenguin
Runner Up: colormetheworld

Best New Author:

Winner: ThePriceIsMeg
Runner Up: LEIDEE D

Best Season 2 Finale:

Winner: Love’s Labour’s Lost by ssa-rtune
Runner Up: Sometimes They Stay Still by mauratalityrate

Best Season 3 Finale:

Winner: Safe With Me by socks-lost
Runner Up: Destiny Rules by turtleback

Best NC-17:

Winner: Yellow Is For Friendship by thepriceismeg
Runner Up: I Wish I Was Your Lover by sociallyawkwardpenguin

Best Comedy:

Winner: Elephants by feltknickers
Runner Up: Inescapable by goldflecks

Best Angst/Drama:

Winner: The Moment by colormetheworld
Runner Up: Among the Dead by sociallyawkwardpenguin

Best Drabble:

Winner: The Right Partner by jobethmegamyhomegirls
Runner Up: Maura In The Sky With Diamonds by shallow-seas-we-sail

Best Original Character:

Winner: Dylan in Trio by shallow-seas-we-sail
Runner Up: Marisol in The Moment by colormetheworld

Best Plot:

Winner: Among the Dead by sociallyawkwardpenguin
Runner Up: Ashby Park by BadgeBunnyUK

Best Crossover:

Winner: Situation Normal All Fouled Up by JoBethMegAmy.myhomegirls – NCIS
Runner Up: Victor by Crackinois – Hunger Games

Best Fluff:

Winner: Yellow Is For Friendship by thepriceismeg
Runner Up: Elephants by feltknickers

Best AU:

Winner: The Moment by colormetheworld
Runner Up: Save Me by colormetheworld

Best Fan Art:

Winner: Texts From Maura by Texts From Maura
Runner Up: Rizzoli and Isles TFLN by rizzoliandislestfln

Best Video:

Winner: Rizzoli and Isles: Alternate Universe by MissLaneVideos
Runner Up: Among the Dead by Anna B