Round One

Best Author:
Winner: SnuffNYC
Runner Up: Crackinois

Best New Author:
Winner: givemerizzlesorgivemedeath
Runner Up: KateKane

Best NC-17:
Winner: The Perfect Game By SnuffNYC
Runner Up: Criminal By Crackinois

Best Comedy:
Winner: Jane, Maura and the Trunk of a Car By Alucino
Runner Up: Rizzoli & Isles & Nicki By Myliphurts85

Best Angst:
Winner: Jealousy By Crackinois
Runner Up: Confessions of a Perfectionist By KateKane

Best Drama:
Winner: Interference By SnuffNYC
Runner Up: When Maura Isles Made it Rain By harper_m

Best Original Character:
Winner: Alexei in Interference By SnuffNYC
Runner Up: Sgt Christine Kelly in Jealousy By Crackinois

Best Plot:
Winner: Come On In My Kitchen By SnuffNYC
Runner Up: This Time I’m Not Leaving Without You By goldflecks

Best Slash:
Winner: Asphyxiophilia By Crackinois
Runner Up: Let’s F*ck It Out By SnuffNYC

Best Series:
Winner: Interference By SnuffNYC
Runner Up: Revelations/Shadows/Disclosure/Evolution By Crackinois

Best Crossover:
Winner: Another Life By Adm_Hawthorne Crossover with NCIS
What We Were By JaneIsles Crossover with NCIS

Runner Up: Targeted By honorcpt Crossover with Criminal Minds

Best AU:
Winner: A Gentleman’s Dilemma By anamatics
Runner Up: Summer Camp By ri-fan

Best Unfinished:
Winner: This Time I’m Not Leaving Without You By Goldflecks
Runner Up: Of Arias and High Sticking By Crackinois

Bet Fan Art:
Winner: What’s Up Doc? By nana-51
Runner Up: Rizzoli & Isles Motivational Posters By Rizzoli & Isles Posters

Best Fan Video:
Winner: She Wears High Heels, I Wear Sneakers By Blondie0136
Runner Up: Dropped By NcisEyesOnly