Rules and Dates

Nominations open: 8th February – 6th March

Voting: 11th – 25th March .*  

Winners Announced: 28th March.  **

*One month for voting seemed like far too long in the last round so I will give you 2 weeks… I think most people can get a general idea of a story even if they don’t finish it in that time. As always, let me know if you’d like a little longer, these are YOUR awards after all, I just write the code. lol.
** All dates subject to change but I do try not to!


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  • You can’t nominate the same person for Best Author and Best New Author
  • You can nominate the same story in more than one category but no more than three
  • Unfinished fics can be nominated in any category
  • If you nominate someone for Best Author/New Author, you MUST nominate a fic too!
  • A working link to the story MUST be provided, as must contact info. (email/twitter etc)
  • If you nominate a fic in Best Original Character, please put the name of the character.
  • If nominating in Best Crossover, please put the crossover fandom too.
  • All artwork and videos must be original composites, no screencaps/promos.
  • Sadly, gifs aren’t eligible in any category.
  • No locked Live Journal entries. If you have to join somewhere to be able to read the fic, we won’t add it.
  • If a story nominated in Best Unfinished is completed before VOTING opens, the author will be asked to choose a category to move it to.
  • An author can have a max of 3 fics per category, MAX of 3 categories.. If there are more nominated, the author will be asked which of their works they would like to feature.
  • PLEASE!! Read both the rules and check the nominees page BEFORE submitting your nominations.
  • Winners from the previous round are NOT eligible for this round.
  • Any questions, you can email me or tweet me.