Do you read all the fics submitted to you?

I will definitely try to read them all but I am hoping for lots and lots of submissions so it will be hard to do.

I need a beta/editor. Can you edit for me?

I would love to but I am currently tied up with the site, awards and I already beta for someone. If you would like to offer your services in this area, email or @ me on twitter and I’ll see if I can pair you up.

I made a submission but it hasn’t appeared in the nominees section. Why?

There are a number of reasons this may happen. The author of the fic or video may have asked to have their work removed.
A working link/contact info may not have been supplied. I won’t include work without the permission of the creator.
I haven’t gotten round to putting it up yet. This may be the most likely of all the options since I am only 1 human with other projects too. I will focus as much of conscious attention on the Rizzles Fan Awards as I can but sometimes I will get a bit behind myself.

Can I nominate my own fic?

Yes!!! Please do.  

Who judges them with you?

I do not vote for fics. Voting, and therefore winners and runners-up will be decided by you, the fan base.

Why do I need to put my contact info (email/twitter) on the voting form?

I want to be as fair as possible. If I let you vote totally anonymously, then you could sit there voting for yourself constantly, which wouldn’t be fair now, would it?

Why are you doing this, do you get paid?

No, I do not get paid to do this. I love fanfic. I love Rizzoli & Isles. I loved the excitement and buzz of ‘Awards season’ when I was a regular writer in another fandom. I do it to share the Rizzles love.

What do I win?

At this time, I am one person and therefore cannot afford physical prizes. There are 13 categories and a winner and runner up in each, that’s 26 prizes per round. At this time, you will get a winners/runner up ‘badge’ to put on your fic/blog/site etc. You also get that giddy feeling of winning something and knowing that a lot of other people enjoyed your work. 

Why aren’t gifs eligible?

Have you seen how many gifs there are out there? I love gifs, I really do but there are so many of them that to include them would make both hosting and picking one next to impossible.

Do the stars/writers know about the awards?

Not that I know of. Not yet anyway! 😉

I want my fic/video/artwork removed. How do I do this?

Send me an email to rizzlesfanficawards@gmail.com with your penname, the title of your project and a brief note saying you’d like to have it removed and I will take it down for you.

I’ve seen a great Rizzles site that I think deserves a mention. Why isn’t there a category for that?

If there is enough demand for a best Rizzles site, then I will add a category for it.