You can nominate fics in the following categories:

NEW FOR 2015:

Best Holiday:
Any story with a holiday at its heart, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day etc.

Best Tragedy:
Stories that reign disaster, death, destruction and utter heartbreak that are too tragic to be angst.

Best Author:

Best New Author:
5 R&I fics or fewer at time of nominations closing.

Best NC-17:
Adult content within a story. Anything you wouldn’t want to be caught reading in church, at work or by your granny.

Best Comedy:
Gotta be funny. Pretty self explanatory.

Best Angst:
For fics you need tissues while reading, yell at your screen and are on the edge of your seat.

Best Original Character:
Speaks for itself really. (Put the characters name in the comments section when nominating)

Best Plot:

Best Crossover:
Can be a crossover with anything else, book, tv show, movie etc but please put the Crossed fandom in the comments section when nominating.

Best Fluff:
Basically, just a little bit of not a lot. Nothing too taxing to read, usually humorous and/or romantic.

Best AU:
Anything that isn’t canon, so aliens, vampires, westerns, school etc. Anything unlikely to happen on the show.

Best Unfinished:
Like it says on the tin… ANY fic that isn’t completed at time of nominations closing!!

Best Oneshot:
There is no word limit but MUST be ONE chapter.

Best Fan Art:
Due to the high number of gifs out there, we will NOT accept them, anything else is cool.

Best Video:

If you are unsure of anything related to the categories, please tweet me (@RizzlesFanfic) or email me with any question BEFORE submitting your nominations.