Errors and boo-boos.

Ok, firstly, I must apologise a lot!

This round I made some stonking errors but because you’re all nice, they’ve been pointed out and I’ve fixed them. Best Unfinished was won by a story called Daylight written by turtleback and not colormetheworld as was credited on the award. That has been fixed. I do sincerely apologise for that.

Secondly, Best Author was won by colormetheworld. It has since been pointed out to me by this author that she won it last round and therefore shouldn’t be eligible for it again this round. This is also true and a point I missed while organising. Because this was MY error and not hers, I have done what I think is fair, rather than strip colormetheworld of her award I have moved the runner up, in this case, LilyBartAndTheOthers into the winner spot too, so there are 2 winners and the third place person, Sybilia is now the runner up!

All of the awards are now posted on the ‘Winners’ page so please go and collect your awards. Save them to your device and post them wherever you like from there as they are not hosted on this site indefinitely.

I hope this clears it all up and everyone is happy. Once again, I do apologise.

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