Where’d that go?

Some of you may notice that some stories are vanishing or being moved, this is why.

During nominations, I put all correctly filled in nominations onto the page without checking them then, when nominations close I go through them all and make sure everyone is within the rules. The main one is ‘each author may have a maximum of 3 stories in up to 3 categories.’ Obviously, an author can be nominated for more stories in more categories and I don’t think it’s fair to just take the first ones that are nominated. So, once nominations close, I check them and any author with more than the allotted amount of nominations per category gets a message explaining they they have too many nominations and they are asked to narrow it down so they are within the rules. To my mind, this is the fairest way, after all, who knows where a story belongs better than the person who wrote it? They have the option to remove or move their stories but this is solely their decision.

If an author is over their amount and they do not reply to my messages, I will then put all the categories they are in into a hat and pull one (or more if needed) from that. Thankfully this hasn’t yet happened, but should that be the case, I think that is the fairest way to do it.

At any point, an author can ask to remove their story. No explanation is needed, this is just for fun and no one has to take part if they don’t want to.

In the interest of fairness for all, my opinion is that this is the best way to do it, including limiting how many categories you can be nominated in. After all, where’s the fun if one person wins everything? This way we get a good mix of things and a variety of winners.

So yeah, if you notice some things aren’t where they were, this is why. Please be reassured that, while I do send the messages and edit the nominations, I have no other input into the decision making at all. Any edits to categories or nominations is with the full knowledge and total consent of the authors involved. It’s not up to me to be taking folks out all willy nilly.

As always, if you have any questions, you can always email me or holla over on twitter.

Good luck to all the nominees and I thank you all for taking part.

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