Nomination closing date.

Ok folks, there is a lot of work to do between nominations closing and voting opening. This round, I don’t have anyone to go over it with me so I will be closing nominations on 6th MARCH not the 8th. This is so I can make sure everything is in order, contact any authors that are in more than 3 categories and get a reply and get all the voting forms ready. Due to my personal circumstances, this will take a little longer than usual, which is another reason for closing a couple of days early.

Nominations will close at Midnight (British time) on 6th march. I will give you a countdown via twitter if when that is so you don’t miss anything. The nominees will be available to read at all times and as with past rounds, there will be a page dedicated to the nominees of this round so you can read their stories at any point in the future.

Thanks for understanding.

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