Fun for all….. almost

Hi all,

A little note as its rearing its ugly head again I thought I’d take a moment to say this.

These awards are about YOUR favourite stories. Each person has their own tastes and preferences. That’s great. But if you don’t like something, leave it be.
As in most if not all fandoms, the Rizzles fandom has its share of people who aren’t nice and bully others and, rather than offer constructive criticisms can ‘slag off’ and intimidate others, sometimes to the point where that person then leaves the fandom entirely.

These awards are a bit of fun, nothing more. No one writer is any better than any other, its a matter of taste. We do not support or include bullies here. People who intimidate or treat others like shit, including but not exclusively; plagiarism, deliberately reporting fic to have it removed out of spite, spamming groups or people with hate messages, getting your friends to intimidate, bully or generally send hurtful or mean messages and reviews to others and generally troll, are not welcome in these awards.

These awards were created to celebrate and share wonderful fic of all genres by people of all levels of writing skill and experience. They are a way to connect with other fans and find new stories that other people love.

We will NOT tolerate bullies or trolls. We will NEVER knowingly include them, nor support them in any fashion. Please know that I am a member and admin of many Rizzles related forums and groups, I see lots of things. I will not hesitate to remove people that are griefing other writers.

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