It’s a new dawn…..

Howdy folks of Rizzles land!

Firstly, happy new year to you all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful 2015 so far.

Well, unfortunately, RL continues to beat me about with a broom but I’ve decided not to let that get in the way of our wonderful fic writers getting some much deserved recognition and possibly some adoration from tens of people by presenting to them another Rizzles Fan Award. So, I’ve been poking about here with the feather duster and found a fiver down the back of the couch, so that’s good…. but we’re also about ready to crack on with some fic awards…

I’m sticking out some feelers to see if there is any interest in running another round of awards? I know a lot has happened in the fandom and some disillusionment so, if you’re interested in more awards…. HOLLA!!!!

Also, hit me up on twitter, @RizzlesFanfic to let me know

Hope to see you all soon.

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