Attention Authors

Hey folks,

Just a little message to say hey and to thank you all for your ongoing support and participation and to let you know that you are under no obligation at all to participate.

If you want your story moved, removed or whatever, you can email me at and I’ll do my very best to carry out your wishes. Nobody has to be involved if they don’t want to, its all for fun and there’s no obligation to join it, we won’t burn you at the stake or anything, they’re your stories and its your choice. If you think your story is in the wrong category, we can move it, its a copy and paste job, not a building reconstruction so please, don’t feel like you’re being a pain or a grumpy gus if you want a change made or a story removed.
If I haven’t replied to your email within about 24/48 hours, it may have ended up in my spam folder (bloody filters!) so if you have twitter, hit me up there, but I’ll be sure to check my spam more often.

Also, if you’d like to send a message of thanks to those that nominated you, please email me with the subject: ‘author thanks’ or something like that and your message and penname and I’ll include that on the site too.

If you’re unsure of anything or have questions, feel free to email me. I’m here almost every day to answer any queries you might have and I’ll do my very best to make the awards as simple and painfree as possible.

Nominations are open until the end of the month, so you don’t have too much longer to nominated your favourites. Please note, you CAN nominate your own stories, you just can’t vote for them!

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