Voting is CLOSED!

Thank you all so very, very much! Voting is now closed for this round.

I can honestly say this round has been the busiest and most popular of all the rounds we have done. So many people have contacted me to offer help, or volunteered to be my minion and its all been really appreciated.

I’ve had lots of emails to clarify things, ask things and generally to just offer thanks and appreciation of the awards and the writers that allow their work to be nominated! It’s so lovely to get such nice messages… especially at 2am when I’m trying to fight through the ‘cheats’ and make sure everyone is playing by the rules and I want to cry into my tea!

I would like to thank two people who have made sure that everything was above board before voting opened and that I was sticking within the rules.
They were betas for the nominations, making sure that we stayed within the set rules when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. ‘SociallyAwkwardPenguin’ who pointed out my mistakes in letting too many nominations for one author through and getting overly excited when she found out she was nominated.

‘SiDEADde’, who has basically been my cheerleader in keeping my brain at least Rizzles focused if nothing else and kicking my ass into gear  to get counting. She’s been there all the way, when the forms turned into Russian at 1am and I wanted to drink vodka to make it go away and to translate when it turned into French! She’s checked my links and made sure they work, bitchslapped me when I wanted to go and crawl under a rock and not play anymore, listened to my frustrated tantrums and even offered to count votes for me. Without her, I think I might still be sitting in the corner crying about how many votes there were and how I’d never be able to do this.

Most of all, I want to thank you… yes, you! Its because of you all that these awards happen! I might have put the wheels in motion but you are the steam to my engine!! Your desire for more rounds make more rounds happen. Your encouragement is what fuels me when I’m tired. Your messages that so many of you add on to your nominations really do make all the difference. Please know that they’re all read and they do make a difference.

Winners will be announced on the 17th.

Once again, thank you all!


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