Voting Delayed

Hi all!

Due to the huge amount of nominations some authors have and therefore being nominated in more then the allowed categories, I need some time to hear back from them and/or to amend the nominees page so that it is fair for EVERYONE. Obviously, this will impact on the voting since I can’t make the form if I don’t know who is in it with what stories.

I hope to get the voting form up as early as possible on 2nd, ideally midnight GMT so you have the entire time to vote. Obviously, due to RL, that might not be possible but please know I’m working hard and have managed to trap a tiny little team of Awards monkies to help me in this task.

As always, you can email me or @ me on twitter with any questions.

If you think you may be an author who is all popular and nominated in more than 3 categories, please check you PMs on Each author who has fic involved has been contacted via that site.
Should they fail to contact me within the next 24 hours, then I will go back through the nominations and remove the more recent ones until each author is back within the allotted allowance.

Authors have been asked to pick the stories/categories they would like to be eliminated from. Since authors have been nominated by various parties, I feel it is fairer to ask the author since they know which categories their work is more suited to. This has been explained in the rules.

Thank you all for your patience. I will let you all know when the voting starts as well as a little reminder of voting rules… I know, boo! rules.


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