Ok folks, the lovely people at TNT have sent us some prizes to dish out to you, which was very nice of them, so please say thanks to them if you win (@RizzoliIslesTNT )

This is what we have.


HOWEVER!!!! Due to a very limited number (read: nowhere near enough) we will be awarding the T shirts to the winners of Best Author and Best New Author as, in my opinion, those are the 2 ‘big’ categories. We also only have small and medium so it is a VERY limited prize. Unfortunately, this isn’t my doing, if it were, I’d have had them in all sizes for all categories. That’s what was given to us so we accept it in the spirit in which it was donated. You can’t look a gift horse in the mouth after all, right?
The dvd is the Season 3 premiere, and will be awarded to all winners as we have plenty of those. Please take the time to show TNT your appreciation for their support of our little awards by tweeting them your thanks…. ya never know, they might give us lots more prizes for the next round! 😉 haha.
Seriously gang, it was very nice of them to give us anything, I wish there was a larger choice in sizing but there’s not. Please don’t complain as I can’t do anything about it. I wish I could afford to buy big prizes for everyone but I can’t otherwise I would.

Good luck people.

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