Round Two Nominations UPDATE

Hi folks,

There have been a steady trickle of nominations coming in but a LOT of them do not have a working link on them. If you want me to include your nomination the first few fields should look something like this, please note, this is an example ONLY not what you should put in there.
YOUR NAME: Rizzles Fanfic
AUTHOR CONTACT: @twittername/ / contact via*

This is an example of a correctly filled form:

Your Name: *deleted for privacy*
Your Email: *deleted for privacy*
Author Name: Arcadia Arden
Author Contact: *deleted for privacy*
Story link:
Best Author:
Best New Author:
Best Season 1 Finale Fic:
Best Season 2 Finale Fic: Yes
Best NC-17:
Best Comedy:
Best Angst/Drama: Yes
Best Drabble:
Best Original Character:
Best Plot:
Best Crossover:
Best Slash:
Best AU:
Best Fan Art:
Best Challenge Video:

*you do not have to include each of these, one contact is fine.
** To get the link. Go to the first page of the story. In the address bar in the top of your browser, highlight the text and EITHER press ctrl+c, OR right-click and select copy. Then go to the nomination form and in the ‘story link’ field, click your mouse in the box and press EITHER ctrl+p OR right-click and select paste.

The last round, while everyone was getting up and running, I allowed for bloopers and confusion as we were all learning what we were doing, this round, I’ve made the form as simple as I humanly can. The last round was stressful for me as due to errors on both sides, I spent a lot of time trying to find the stories. I have done everything in my power to make it simple. If you are unsure, PLEASE drop me an email or a tweet (@RizzlesFanfic) and I will help you out as much as I can.

Also, if you are nominating for Best Author or Best New Author, you MUST nominate a story for that person too. Not everyone has read every fic, how will we know their work if you don’t give us an example? The ONLY exception to this is if someone already has a fic nominated, then and only then can you nominate for Best Author or Best New Author without including a story.

Please folks, work with me on this.


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