Oh yeah….

Just to be perfectly clear to any and all new visitors (HI!) We are in no way affiliated with, supported by or acknowledged in any way shape or form by TNT, Warner Bros, Tess Gerritsen Media*, Janet Tamaro or anyone else involved with the show in any way!

What we do here is for fun, we intend no disrespect, copy infringement or anything else that involves the powers that be suing me.

“Works of fanfiction are more likely to constitute fair use if they are “transformative” with respect to the original work, if they are non-commercial, if they appropriate relatively little of the original work, and/or if they do not tend to detract from the potential market for or value of the original work.”

Under these grounds, fanfic, espeically the fics we have here do fall under ‘fair use’.


* Tess Gerristen Media are aware of what happens here and have been supportive in the previous round, to the point of judging one of the categories. We also have been given kind permission by Tess to use the official store sign on our ‘friends and affiliates’ page. These things, while fun for us, the fans, do NOT constitute any legal support or affiliation or anything else…. they just mean she didn’t want to sue us for having fun with the characters she created.

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