More on Round Two

Hi folks.

Right, the rules are now amended for round two as are the categories. Please have a look at them.

Also, a few people have asked me if I will allow my own fic to be nominated, or commented that its not fair to exclude myself so, I will allow my own fics to be nominated, not that I expect them to be and if they are, they won’t win anyway so its all good. I’m still considering this to be fair since I know, compared to some of the amazing caliber of fic we receive here, that it doesn’t stand a chance. No, this isn’t a pity post asking you to nominate me, no I won’t tell you my screen name and no, I don’t expect to win on the off-chance I am nominated to start with.

The video round this time is a challenge! You MUST use the song we have linked on the ‘categories’ page. You may use ANY version of that song, but it MUST be that song to be eligible to win a prize!! Ooh yes folks, a very kind friend of the Rizzles Awards has offered a small prize for the winner of this category ONLY!!

Looking forward to round two and I hope you all are too!

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