Round Two Opens On Sunday

Well hasn’t this rolled around again fast!?

Round two will open on sunday, in the early hours of the morning GMT. Please take these moments to have a look at the new categories and the rules surrounding them. If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to ask either via email or via twitter @RizzlesFanfic and I will do my best to clear up any concerns or queries asap.

Also, there were quite a few nominations last round that I had to chase up, either missing links, no author contact etc. I will NOT do that this round. I will NOT include a story without the author’s contact info, be it twitter or email as I feel people have the right to choose if their work is included. I don’t mean to sound harsh but this is a lot of work for one person to do alone and its made harder when you don’t read the rules and I waste sometimes hours, trying to get the information that should be on the form. Simple mistakes are fine, if you make a booboo or realise that the link doesn’t work or you’ve given me the wrong link, please email me directly with your name and the correct link and I can then amend your submission.

I’m not a horrible person and will do my very best to make these as successful and inclusive as possible so if you need anything or have anything you want to say or clarify, please feel free to contact me. Unless you’re a spambot trying to sell me viagra, watches or a timeshare.

Good Luck everyone, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me this round.

Rizzles Forever!!!!