Round Two… questions… comments?

Right, I’ve been having a chat with some of you and some very good points have been made. I have taken these on board and we’re going to run with a lot of them. As a result, round 2 will have a whole new set of categories. We’re still ironing out the details so they WILL be subject to change so you’ll have to check in often or follow me on twitter @RizzlesFanfic for the latest updates.

Firstly, due to popular demand, we’ll be running round 2 imminently. Nominations will open On April 1st, no, I’m not kidding. The short space between rounds is the reason for a category overhaul to make it fair and so that we’re not just repeating round one all over again because, lets face it, we all know how that ended.

The categories I am suggesting to you goes as follows;

Best Post Season 1 Finale Fic:
This category MUST include fall out from the S1 finale obviously, it may extend into S2 but the primary focus needs to be the finale and how everyone reacted/dealt with the incidents.

Best Post Season 2 Finale Fic:
As above but dealing with the S2 finale, obviously.

Best Characterisation:
Now, I’m still trying to work out the kinks in this so any input you want to add will be VERY welcome.
It will be ONE nomination per author, per character, the rule of 3 will NOT apply here. For example;

Joe Bloggs may be nominated for EVERY character in the show in numerous fics but only once per CHARACTER, so the nominee page may look like this:

 Angela in Story A by Joe Bloggs
Jane in Story A by Joe Bloggs
Maura in Story B by Joe Bloggs
Korsak in Story A by Joe Bloggs
Frost in Story C by Joe Bloggs.

Should Joe Bloggs have more than 1 nomination for Frost for example, then the author will decide on which fic they feel is the strongest of the nominated fics. Because of this, the nominees in this category will not be posted until AFTER nominations have closed to ensure that a) I’m not constantly trying toupdate the page and b) I have time to liase with authors and get their feedback on which nominated story they wish to represent their characterisation.

The nomination process will be the same as Best Original Character was in Round One. You will need to tell me which character in which fic. Without this information, I can’t do a thing.

Best Song Fic:
This is another category that requires a little more definition, so please feel free to email me your personal definitions and I’ll see if we can find a mutual ground. My thoughts would be that its a fic based around a song, featuring that song specifically. Not just; Maura walked past a bar and XXXX by Some Group was playing.

Best Jane/Maura (non-romantic):
This will be a bit of a suprise given the nature of the awards. But this is a best friendship sort of category featuring the ladies a la Season 1. There can be subtext in line with the show but they can’t be fantasising, doing anything sexual with each other or while thinking of the other. We’re basically looking platonic fics ONLY!

Best Non Rizzles (Romance):
This is for all the stories that feature a romance that isn’t Rizzles. You can pair ANYONE! in this category, Jane/Dean, Maura/Ian, Maura/Frankie, Frost/Frankie, and if you’re twisted enough Joe/Bass! lol. Any pairing at all is accepted as long as its NOT Jane/Maura

Best Challenge Fic:
Should you want this category, I will, as usual open the floor to the twitter people to set the challenge. The fics nominated in this category MUST fall within the confines of this challenge. For example;

Jane and Maura go kayaking, Maura falls in.
Frost finds a snake in the bullpen.

The fics can be as long or as short as you like as long as it features these key points as the primary focus of the fic.

 Best Holiday Fic:
Pretty self explanatory. A fic based in a holiday be it Halloween, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. The fic must centre around that holiday and not just mention it.

Best Fan Art:
This category is up for the chop, I might ditch it altogether but if it makes the cut, it will be another challenge/themed one so we get some all new submissions. The theme will be wide, ie Funniest submission, again, it will be opened to the twitter users to decide.

Best Fan Video:
Like Best Art, this will be a challenge category. The challenge for art and video will be the same.

Best Drabble:
A one shot if you will, there will be a word limit on it of 3,000 words.

Those are our thoughts so far. Given that the general consensus is that you want this to run BEFORE season three airs, I need your feedback ASAP so that I can get the ball rolling.

Since we had so many hiccups with the first round, I did a LOT of chasing up of submissions, finding links that didn’t work etc. For this round I will NOT be doing that. I know that sounds really harsh to you but I have a lot to do as it is without having to run around like a headless chicken because you didn’t tell me what story you want to nominate Jane in. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but look at it like this, last round we had over 100 nominations, if everyone forgot to put on just 1 piece of information, I’d still be chasing it all up. I’ve tried to make it all as inclusive and easy as humanly possible for everyone so please just check you’ve included all the relevant information before you submit your nominations.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback on this. Contact me either on twitter @RizzlesFanfic or you can email your thoughts to me at

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