Nominations Open Soon!!

Hello Rizzles Lovers.

Just a quick note to say that nominations will open in just 2 over days time. Please be aware of the following:

  • I am based in the UK so all timings will be in GMT.
  • All rules MUST be read before you submit a nomination.
  • You have plenty of time to submit so please don’t leave it until the last second.
  • I will NOT chase up nominations without working links!
  • I will answer all questions ASAP via either email or twitter.
  • Please don’t bitch at me if the story you submitted is removed. The author may have asked for it to be taken down. I have to respect their wishes.

I’d like to make it very clear also that YOU nominate stories. I have nothing to do with it at all! Regardless of my personal opinion of the story, it will be included providing all relevant information has been submitted and the author allows it. Whether or not I enjoy the story is irrelevant, these are fan awards for the fans, by the fans. I’m not being a fic nazi and disallowing stories that I do not like, on the same note, I will not push stories that I do like. I am Switzerland and completely impartial.

The nominees buttons will go up on January 1st. You will be able to  save them to your computer and then add them to your fics. If you chose to do this, PLEASE link back to us. People are going to find it very difficult to vote for your stories if you don’t.

I have already put up the nominations form so that you can all familiarise yourselves with how that will work. I’ve made it as simple as I can so that we can all get through round one with minimal stress and crying.
The voting form will be of similar construct but rather than boxes you can type in, there will be a dropdown box for each category. You will have to select your chosen story from said dropdown box. If you don’t wish to vote for a story in a particular category, then you won’t have to, I will give you the option to do that too. Obviously, I will post you another little bulletin before voting opens so that we’re all on the same page.

If you have any questions before Round One opens, please contact me via email: or via twitter @RizzlesFanfic

I’m really excited about this and hope you all are too. Looking forward to all your submissions.